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123 Movies Sonic 2


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123 Movies Sonic 2 Story Full 

In The First Part Of “Sonic The Hedgehog”, You May Have Noticed That Sonic, Along With His Friend Tom, Send “Doctor Robotnik” To The “Mushroom Planet” With His Jet During A Fight With The “Magic Ring” So As Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Begins.  We See That 292 Days Have Passed Since

Doctor Robotnik Lived On The Mushroom Plant. And Today He Has 293 Days There.where He Is Doing Some Experiments To Go To Earth By Mushroom And His Jet Machine.  He Has Sonic Hair

Which Has A Lot Of Electric Power.  With Which He Tries To Start The Machine He Made There As Soon As He Connects It To His Machine, A Lot Of Electric Energy Is Released There. Due To Which A “Red Knuckles” From Sonic’s Planet Reaches There Searching For Sonic.

He Is A Warrior Of The Knuckles “Echidna Tribe”.  He Starts Asking Doctor Robotnik For Sonic’s Location. Doctor Robotnik Makes A Deal For Him To Return To Earth.after That The Scene Of The Earth Is Shown. Where Sonic Helps The Police To Stop The “Robbery” During The Night.  Because On Earth


123 movies sonic 2 sonic the hedgehog 2 123 movies


He Is Not Able To Use His Powers.  That’s Why He Starts Using It To Keep The Public Safe.then He Goes To His House To Sleep. But Because It Is Morning, He Is Unable To Sleep.  He Lives In His House With “Tom” And His Wife “Medy”.

Tom Is A Good Friend Of Sonic, But They Both Treat Him As Their Own Child Then He Goes Fishing With Tom.tom Tells Sonic That He Has Done Damage To Public Property In The Night. His News Is Published In The Newspaper.  He Shouldn’t Have To Do All This.  Sonic Tells “Tom” That He Was

123 Movies Sonic 2 123 movies

Helping People.  Tom Then Explains To “Sonic” That I Know You Have A Special Power But You Have To Be Patient So That The Day You Need That Power, You Can Use It. Then They Reach Home.tom Goes With His Wife Maddie To Attend The Wedding Of Maddie’s Sister, “Rachel After Those People Leave, Sonic Does A Lot Of Fun Together With Dog At Home.


123 Movies Sonic 2
123 Movies Sonic 2

Here On Earth, A Small, Double-tailed Fox  Arrives In The Town Of “Green Hills” In Search Of “Sonic”. Whose Name Is “Miles Prower”, Also Known By His Nickname “Tails”. Then He Starts Searching For Sonic While Flying With The Help Of His Tail.sonic Is Watching Tv With A Dog In His House

When Suddenly The Electricity In His House Is Cut Off.  Just Then, Doctor Robotnik Along With “Knuckles” Attacks Him. Knuckles Asks “Sonic” About “Legendary Master Emerald”  Or “Ultimate Power”, But Sonic Doesn’t Know Anything About That “Master Emerald”.  Looking At The Fight Of Both Of Them, It Seems That Knuckles Is Also Very Powerful.

He Tells Sonic About “Longclaw The Owl”, That “Longclaw The Ow” Was Killed While Fighting His “Echidna Warriors”. If He Doesn’t Reveal The Address Of Master Emerald, He Will Kill Him Too. Then “Tails” Reaches There With A Car To Save Sonic.  Then Both Of Them Start Running From There And “Knuckles” Start Chasing Him.

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Full Movie 123

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Where “Tails” Tells Sonic That Knuckles Is A Dangerous Warrior From This Galaxy Looking For Master Emerald. And He Thinks You Know About That Emerald.  That’s Why He Is After You

After That Tails Runs Away With “Sonic” From There.here Doctor Robotnik Contacts His Assistant “Agent Stone”, Who Has Been Running A Coffee Shop Since Doctor Robotnik’s Departure And Has Been

123 movies sonic the hedgehog 2


Missing Doctor Robotnik A Lot.  Just Then, As Soon As He Sees Doctor Robotnik’s Message And Learns That His Boss Doctor Robotnik  Is Back On Earth, He Jumps With Joy.  Then He Sees Doctor Robotnik’s Message And Sends His “Robot Jet” To Help Him.doctor Robotnik Then Approaches

Knuckles With His Robot And Asks Him About The “Ultimate Power”. Knuckles Tells Him That The Deal We Had Made Has Been Completed.  So From Here On Now Our Paths Are Different.

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 123 Movie


Then He Makes Another Deal With Doctor Knuckles.  He Says That He Will Help Her Find Her “Ultimate Power”. In Return For Me, You Will Kill “Sonic The Hedgehog”  With That Power. Here Sonic Reaches Out With

“Tails’ ‘ To A Friend Of Tom’s Who Is A Local Police Officer There.  Where Sonic Asks “Tails” Why

Knuckles Mentions Longclaw .  Then “Tails”  Tells Him That Longclaw May Have A Connection To Master Emerald.then Sonic Pulls Out A Map Given To Him By “Longclaw”.  In Which The Sign Of Master Emerald Is Also Made.  Only Then Those People See That Energy Comes Out From That Map.

123 Movies Sonic 2 Full Movie

Which Is A Message From Longclaw For Sonic. They Learn From Longclaw’s Message That Master Emerald Is Hiding In A Secret Place On Earth.  Longclaw Tells Her That The Emerald Is Very Powerful.  It Has The

Power To Turn Thought Into Reality.  If It Falls Into The Wrong Hands, Then It Can Threaten All The Living Beings Of The Universe.  She Says That Earlier She Used To Protect That Emerald But After Her Departure Now You (Sonic) Will Protect Master Emerald.after That Sonic Goes To A Bar With “Tails”.  Where Sonic Asks

123 Movies Sonic 2 Full Movie Free Online 123 Movies


“Tails”  From Where Do You Get Such Cool Gadgets? He Says That He Has Invented All These

Gadgets Himself.  Then “Tails” Tells Him That, That Night When His Energy Exploded In The “Baseball Field”, That Energy Had Reached His Planet.  Then He Saw How “Sonic” Saved His Entire City From That “Doctor Robotnik”. And When Tails Learns That Knuckles Is After “Sonic”, He Comes Here To Sonic To Warn Him.

Here Doctor Robotnik  Tracks Sonic Through His Device.  And Sets Out With Knuckles To Find Him. Here Sonic & Tails Have A Lot Of Fun Together At The “Bar” Where Sonic And Tails Consider

Each Other As Their Friends.after That, The Next Day, Both Of Them Follow The Map And Reach A Cave. Where There Is A Big Owl Door. By Translating The Language On Which Tails Explains To Sonic

123 Movies Sonic 2 movie 123 movies


That Many Centuries Ago There Was Once A Group Of Warriors Known As The “Echidna”.  They Combined The 7 Chaos Gem To Create A Most Powerful, Unstoppable Weapon Known As The “Master Emerald”.


With Which A Single Warrior Can Defeat The Entire Army.  So The “Order Of Heroes” Which Was An Owls Team Took That “Emerald” From The Evil Warriors.  And Vowed To Protect Him.  Knowing This, They Understand That “Echidna Warriors” & “Owls” Have An Old Enmity.after That Both Of Them Find A Big Owl Statue Inside That Cave.  Where After Solving A Puzzle, Sonic Gets A Compass.


The “Master Emerald” Can Be Reached By That Compass.  That’s When Doctor Robotnik & Knuckles Arrive There. Fighting Ensues In Sonic & Knuckles.  Where Knuckles Tells “Sonic”, That He Is The Only Survivor Of The Echidna Warriors.

Because On That Day The “Team Of Echidna Warriors” Was Going To Fight With “Longclaw And His Team”, His Father Refused Him To Join The Fight.  He Was Fighting So That He Could Restore The Order Of The Universe By Taking The Emerald Back.  But Those People Never Came

Back From The Fight.  That’s When Sonic Tells Him That That Day Longclaw Had Sent Him To Earth To Save Them From The People.just Then Sonic Throws The Compass At “Tales” And Tells Him To Leave.  But Doctor Robotnik Takes The Compass And Attacks Tails.  Due To Which “Tails” Faints There And Due To The Detonation Of The Bomb, Avalanche Starts From The Mountain There.  Doctor Robotnik

123 Movies Sonic 2 The Hedgehog 2 Movie Watch Online 123 Movies


Knuckles Leave From There.
To Avoid The Avalanche, Sonic Takes The “Tails” And Starts Running From There, Then Sonic Calls “Tom”.  Here Tom Is Busy With Rachael’s Wedding.  Then He Receives

Sonic’s Video Call.  While Leaving, Sonic Gives Tom A Magic Ring From Which He Asks For His Help. Tom Sees The Scene There By Video Call And He Throws The Ring, But The Portal Is Not Built There.

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That’s When Tom Learns That His Ring Has Been Replaced By Randell’s.  With Whom Rachael Is Going To Get Married. Then He Somehow Takes The Ring From Randell And Creates A Portal There, So That Sonic Takes The “Tails” There And He Survives Being Buried In The Snow.as Soon As He Gets There, The Federal Agents Capture Sonic, Tails And Tom. That’s When Rachael And The Men Learn That The Wedding Was Part Of A Federal Agent’s Operation “Catfish”.

The Boy Rachael Was About To Marry, Also Happens To Be A Federal Agent’s Man. After That Rechal & Meddie Get The Gadgets Made By Tails.  With Which She Gets Tom, Tail & Sonic Out Of There And Informs The Federal Agent That Doctor Robotnik Is Alive.

That’s When Rechal Learns That Randall Is In Love With Her.here Doctor Robotnik Reaches A Seaside With “Knuckles” By That Compass.  Where Those People Find A Secret Temple In The Middle Of The Water,

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Full Movie 123 Movies


Inside Which She “Master Emerald” Is Kept. Seeing The Movement In The Sky Here, Sonic Comes To Know That They Have Reached “Master Emerald ”.  Then He Also Reaches There Running At Supersonic Speed.

They Have To Go Through A Maze Before They Can Reach Master Emerald.  In Which Many Deadly Traps Are Involved Doctor Robotnik Reaches There With The Help Of His Robot.  Here Sonic Also Reaches There By Running Fast And Avoiding Those Traps. After That A Fight Starts Between Sonic & Knuckles,

Taking Advantage Of Which Doctor Robotnik Reaches That Emerald And Takes It. Then Knuckles Realises That Doctor Robotnik  Took The Wrong Advantage Of His Friendship, His Trust.


Doctor Robotnik Becomes Very Powerful By That Emerald’s Power, Then He Reaches His Agent.

That Temple Is Supported By The Power Of The Emerald.  As Soon As It Is Removed, The Temple Starts Falling Due To Which Water Starts Coming Inside.  Knuckles Get Stuck Right There Under Water. Then Sinic Helps Him And He Walks Out.

Then Sonic Is Not Able To Go Above The Water.  Then Knuckles Kicks Him Out.  After That Both Of Them Become Friends.here The Federal Agents Have Reached There With Their Force To Stop Him, But That Force Does Nothing In Front Of Him.  Doctor Robotnik  Creates A Huge Powerful Robot By Pulling All His Cannons And Machines With His Power. Sonic & Knuckles Arrives With “Tails”.

123 Movies Sonic 2

The Three Of Them Work Together As A Team To Stop Doctor Robotnik. Sonic Distracts “Doctor Robotnik”.  So That Both Of Them Can Go Inside That Robot. After Going Inside The Robot, Tails Starts Distracting Him.  Just Then, Knuckles Attacks Doctor Robotnik With All His Might, Forcing “Master Emerald” Out Of His Body And Rendering Him Powerless. Emerald Is Lying In Front Of Sonic. Being Very Weak Sonic Is Slowly Moving Towards That Emerald.


Doctor Robotnik Tries To Crush Him To Death With His Robot When Tom And Meddie Save Him.  But He Attacks That Car.  Then All Three Of Them Get Out Of The Car.sonic Does Not Understand Sonic Doesn’t Understand How He Makes Emerald Work. That’s When The Emerald Breaks Down, Due To Which All Seven Of Her Gems Run Out. Sonic Tells Tom & Maddie To Leave So That Their Lives Can Be Saved.  But Tom And Meddie Tell

Him That They Are A Family And That Families Are Always Together.  Then Gems Are Activated And Go Inside Sonic.  Due To Which Sonic Becomes Quite Powerful.  After That Sonic Destroys The Robot Of “Doctor Robotnik”.  Doctor Robotnik Falls Down With That Big Robot.

Then Sonic Takes Those Gems Out Of His Body And Gives Them To Knuckles.  Knuckles Fixes Those Gems And Turns Them Into Master Emerald. As The “Order Of Heroes & Echidna Warriors” Is Over, The Three Together Decide Protect The “Master Emerald”.then Those Three Who Were All Alone Before.  Together They Happily Live With Tom And Medi And Have A Lot Of Fun There.  Doctor Robotnik  Doesn’t Die.

Therefore, You Can Get To See The Story Beyond This In The Third Lesson Of This Movie.  How Did You Like The Story Of This Movie,

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