The Crew Goes Back To The Middle Ages, Where Alito Played Roe V. Took His Inspiration For His Draft Opinion That Influenced Wade.

The Crew Of "Saturday Night Live" - such As Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito - Traveled Back In Time, Calling For "Moral Clarity" For The Best Laws On Abortion In Human History.

The Show's Cold Open Was Set In 1235—when "They Redeemed Reproductive Rights", Portraying Host Benedict Cumberbatch As A Medieval Figure.

The Scene Begins With Bizarre Quotes From Alito's Draft Opinion Leaked This Week, Which Roe V. Wade Called Abortion A "Crime."

Wearing A Wig And Tunic, Andrew Desmuix Wonders, However, About Allowing Abortions In Cases Of "Rape Or Incest."

Farmer Cecily Strong Suggests That It May Be More Necessary To Focus On Other Problems, Such As "No One Can Read Or Write, And Everyone Is Dying Of The Plague!"

"You Think Just Because I Have Active Plague, That Means I Need To Wear A Mask?" A Surprised Desmux Asks. "It's My Body, My Choice!"

Cumberbatch Decided That "We Have Reached The Limits Of Human Knowledge" In 1235, When "We Trust The Catholic Church With All Our Money And Our Children."

And "Now We Have Birth Control," Johnson Says. "You Can't Get Pregnant Until The Man Ejaculates, He Whispers, 'just Kidding.'"

The Seer Kate Mckinnon Turned To These To Predict "Someday The Barbaric Laws Will Be Overturned By Something Called Progress".