You could be forgiven for considering that Tesla are the kings of the EV world. And at the second, they most likely are. They have a nice

charging community, their cars provide a nice person expertise, and the battery know-how permits for wonderful mileage. But Elon Musk

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a polarizing determine. A really polarizing determine. And after all, different automobile producers are getting nearer to matching the high quality of Tesla

and in some methods exceeding it. That means they'll have a little bit of enjoyable as nicely.As increasingly Ford F-150 Lightnings lastly start

to make it into the arms of keen consumers, we're listening to about an adjunct Ford seems to be together with for the sole function of sticking

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it to Tesla. A member of the Lightning Owners forum shared that, upon taking supply of his electrical truck, he discovered an included adapter to permit

the Lightning's Pro Power onboard generator to provide energy to a stranded Tesla. This is after all completely hilarious, and it

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