I really feel like an fool. I’m standing in my native comfort retailer with a crisp $100 invoice. I can virtually hear Ben Franklin asking, “Are you sure you want to do this, Dave?”

Yes, Ben. If I’m going to put in writing about this newest manifestation of Texas greed, I must expertise it myself. So I do it. I give the clerk the Benny and in return

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I'm given one thing that till two weeks in the past no one may ever buy earlier than in North America — a brand new Texas Lottery recreation known as $20 Million Supreme.

The value is $100 for a single scratch-off ticket. It’s record-setting. No different state lottery has ever supplied a $100 scratch-off recreation earlier than..

From my analysis, I do know in my intestine what’s going to occur. I’m about to throw my very own hard-earned cash into the wind.

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I started my analysis with Texas Lottery gadfly Dawn Nettles of Garland. She runs LottoReport.com. Her voice was indignant. She known as the brand new recreation

“a complete rip-off.” She advised me that the poor are most certainly to endure. In her lottery publication she known as it “horrible, greedy, destructive.”

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